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How would you feel with a regularly scheduled massage every month?

Massage therapy is an effective way for you to relax and feel better, and relieve the pain and stress of daily life. Massage is an important component in personal health and wellness support, helping us in healing our bodies hurts, and maintaining a vibrant well being!

Has massage therapy benefited you?
Would you like to get massage more often?
Are you committed to your own health and wellness?
How would you feel with a regularly scheduled massage?

I’d like to encourage you to continue to get massage therapy,
and I’m offering an easy way to help you make it a regular thing.brian-225x300n

Monthly Human Touch Massage Subscription
Get a massage every month, twice a month, or every week! - starting at only $69 for a monthly massage.
Keep this price for 12 months.

Thank you!

Brian Markovitz CMT
Human Touch Massage Marin
San Rafael, California