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master ching

Human Touch Massage rooted in Tai Chi and the teachings of Chen Man-Ch’ing

I learned Tai Chi as part of my massage training in 1995, and then continued to practice as I became a teacher, and passed the knowledge on to my students. I am merely a student still, and my form is a shortened version of the short form presented by 20th century Tai Chi Master Cheng Man Chi’ing.

Tai chi has taught me to remain grounded and connected, while flowing energy. While I do exert effort during massage, my own energy is rarely depleted, as I connect and utilize the more universal energy, or Chi.

After many years of doing this work, I am physically stronger than I have ever been, and yet my strongest and deepest work comes from the flow of Chi, and working gracefully with movement, form, and flow, and utilizing gravity to create the most effective massage technique for each of my clients.master ching

I am grateful to my teachers, and to their teachers, and their teachers teacher – for this energy flowing to me. May I use it well, for the highest good of all concerned.

We are the manifestation of energy between the heaven and earth. May we be graceful as the universe unfolds.